Friday, January 15, 2010

Project 2010 (Project Professional 2010) Features - Part 1

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  • Product
    • Two versions of the Product
      • Project Standard 2010
      • Project Professional 2010
    • Runs on Windows 7, Vista and XP
    • 32 and 64bit client applications available.
  • User Interface
    • Fluent User Interface
      • Ribbon - User Interface similar to Office 2007 apps (Excel, Word etc) . Project 2010 has adopted the new extensible ribbon menu interface that Microsoft introduced in Office 2007
      • Backstage Area - Backstage area that has many features from the old MSProject 'File' menu and the Office menu from the Office 2007 suite
      • Ribboned toolbars
      • Grouping of macros - Project’s extensive capabilities are now organized into logical, easy to find groups that help you accomplish actions efficiently rather than choosing features.
      • The Ribbon replaces menus and toolbars as the main location to find functionality organized to help you accomplish tasks.Provides more graphical and contextual information by combining the menu and toolbars. which shows those commands used most often with a larger icon.
      • Organizes common tasks together
      • The new Ribbon UI makes commands easier to discover based on the task you are doing at the time.The UI shows only relevant commands depending on what you’re viewing, such as the Gantt Chart Tools tab that appears at the right because of the active Gantt Chart view.
      • You can even customize the Ribbon so that it contains exactly what you want to see where you want to see it. Makes for a highly customizable interface
    • Copy and Paste
      • People can now easily copy information between MS Project 2010 and other MS Office applications while maintaining formatting and structure / indenting.
      • The ability to cut, copy and paste your timeline view in PowerPoint or Outlook as a real image.
      • Improved copy and paste from Excel! Setup your work structure in Excel and simple copy and paste in to Project retains the hierarchy.
    • Excel-like Behaviors
      • The interface is more like MS Excel with scheduling.
      • Microsoft Project now includes Excel-like interface features such as current row / current column highlighting, text wrapping, and built-in auto filtering
      • Filter Improvements - Introducing AutoFilter - Now from the column header you can sort, filter on, and group by the field.
        • Sorting: Depending on the type of field, you can sort alphabetically, numerically, or chronologically.
        • Group By: You can select to group explicitly on the field, or group on an interval specific to the field type.
        • Filters: While you can easily use the checkboxes to select which values to display.
        • AutoFilter is on by default in Project 2010. If you aren’t seeing it, you can turn it on by going to View tab – Filter dropdown – and selecting Display AutoFilter.
        • The Status Bar displays “AutoFilter Applied” and if you hover over it, you can see which fields are affected:
    • Auto-Complete
    • Zoom slider-Zoom in and out rather than clicking “+” or “-“
    • Add new columns easily
    • Office Backstage
      • Puts printing options in one place – gives a WYSIWYG preview
      • Replaces the “file” view

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