Friday, September 25, 2009

Client-Side Programming in Sharepoint # 1

When an developer start exploring SharePoint, the very basic question they have in mind is how can we do something at client side in SharePoint or where can we embed JavaScript or jquery script in SharePoint page. SharePoint provide us the freedom to add our scripting in following places-
  • Add a Content Editor Web part on the page , and add your script in source editor
  • Open page in SPD (SharePoint Designer) and embed your script on html source.
  • Add your script in source code of custom page/web part/.. .
  • Add custom JavaScript file and override existing JavaScript function from core.js file.
  • Etc.

In this series I will try to cover some of the task possible at client side in any SharePoint application ,as well as will give reference to some nice articles available on this topic.Here are some of my posts on this,

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