Sunday, July 26, 2009

Enterprise Search Architecture & Configuration - Part 3

Configuration & Administration
I have explained Enterprise search architecture, its component, processes and server roles in Part1 and Part2.In this article we will see what are the configurations and administrations settings are available for a MOSS administrator.
The tasks available for configuration and administration of indexing services and query services are-
  • Configuring Crawl Process Following configurations available for Indexing(Crawl) Services.
    • Content Sources-Manage Content Sources for search
      • Content source is a specification of a protocol handler with at least one start address
      • An Administrator can configure up to 500 content per shared service provider and up to 500 start address are possible per content source.
    • Crawl SchedulesAn Administrator can configure a schdule for crawling of content sources.Crawling can be of two type-
      • Full crawl -
        • Re crawl existing documents and new documents
        • Update crawl behaviours based on configuration changes
      • Incremental crawl - only crawl new or modified content
    • Crawl RulesAn Administrator can also set some rules for crawling process.
      • Address can be pattern matched for special treatment
      • Support altering the authentication mechanism
      • Support exclusion rules and inclusion rules
      • Support crawling sharepoint sites as http pages

  • Crawl Administration
    • Managing file type & ifilters
      • protocol handlers load ifilters based on configuration setting
      • file types and ifilter mapping managed at the SSP level
      • Modify the DOCICON.xml (in c://.../12/TEMPLATE/XML folder )file to display appropriate icons in search results
    • Managed Properties
      • E.g. Managed Property( Customer )-> Crawled Property(Client for Sharepoint content and Cust for BDC content)
      • Maneged Properties used in - Scope Defination, Advanced search webpart,keyword query syntax
    • Server Name Mapping - Override how search results are displayed. hide file path file://moss-srv/myshare to
    • Content Access Account

  • Configuring Query Process
    • Implementing Scopes
      • Scopes are logical view on an index - compiled & efficient
      • Scopes are based on - web address,managed property,content sources
      • Scopes are defined by one or more rules - include,require,exclude
      • can be used throughout the search experience
    • Configuring Advanced Search Property
      • Advance search web part
        -Search term options
        -Managed property options
      • Result web part

  • People search
    • people search based on indexing user profile properties
    • user profiles can be inported from -
      -Active directory,
      -LDAP Directory,
      -BDC application

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